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economicsFrom the Greek: OIKONOMIKH ΓNΩΣΙΣ (Ekonomiki Gnosis, Knowledge of Economics).

Ecognosis is a global financial, economic advisory and information service covering economic and financial developments, equities, fixed income, forex, commodities and other assets. Econotes is a research publication available free on our internet site and to the general public in Hong Kong. It is not a solicitation for business and neither does it contain   investment suggestions on specific and named assets including buy, sell or hold advice. It is devised and written by Dr. Andrew F. Freris based on 55 years of market experience which includes senior positions with GT Capital, Salomon Brothers, Bank of America and BNP Paribas as well as senior academic posts with universities in London and Hong Kong.
Ecognosis Advisory has covered a very wide range of assignements from direct quantitative problem-solving to broadly advisory and educational.


Dr Andrew F. Freris

In sum: 34 years of investment banking ( IB ) experience, 24 years in HK plus 9 years of consulting, and also 22 years in academia. A track record in virtually all areas of IB such as wealth and fund management, corporate finance, fixed income, equities and forex.

Investment Banking ( 1990-2014)
GT CAPITAL, Investment Management, Director, Senior Economist,1990-1993
SALOMON BROS, Equities, Director, Chief Regional Economist,1993-97
BANK OF AMERICA, Corporate Finance, Treasury and Forex, Managing Director, Asia Research,1997-2000
BNP PARIBAS, Chief Economist, Asia, Head of Asia Credit Research – Fixed Income and Credit, 2000-2008,Chief Investment Advisor for Asia – Wealth Management 2008-2014,
UCAP HK, Asset Management, Chief Strategist, Nov.2021- June 2022
VRS INT SA Luxemburg and Athens, MOU August 2022 on joint activities.
Consultancy ( 2014 to date)
Consulted during my academic career ( 1968-1990 ) and since 2014 through my own consultancy.
Where: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Vietnam, London, Athens, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
What: Corporate: Valuation of unquoted companies, Land and Property Development, Shipping and Dry Docking, Corporate emissions planning, ESG development, Impact of political and economic events on share prices, Review of global and regional markets operations, Succession planning in family business.
Financial: Portfolio management, Quantification forex risks, Investment in real assets, Quant models for smaller companies. Advisor to Family Offices: Regular global and regional reviews, philanthropy and related.
Media: Experienced speaker in various countries and topics. Excellent media links: CNBC, Bloomberg, CNA and Asian local TV and radio stations. Permanent guest ,Money Talk, RTHK, 2022 to date.
Academic: (1968-1990) London Metropolitan University, UK, Principal Lecturer (1968-1984), City University of Hong Kong, Head of the Finance and Economics Department (1985-1990)
Education: University of London, London School of Economics, B.SC (Econ), M.Sc. (Econ) Ph.D. ( Econ)
Other: My wife and I run a non-profit book and music library in Young, Uruguay, a member of UNESCO’s associated libraries, and also the Archive of History and Art-The War Archive, in Athens, Greece as well as the Chopin Society of HK, which organises classical music events. Commendation in 2020 by the HK Government for contributing to the development of classical music in HK.
Regulatory etc :HK SFC Advisory, Type 4, inactive, subject to employment by principal. Since 2014 research reports available gratis on the Ecognosis Advisory site. Posts on Linkedin.