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economicsFrom the Greek: OIKONOMIKH ΓNΩΣΙΣ (Ekonomiki Gnosis, Knowledge of Economics).

Ecognosis is a global financial, economic advisory and information service covering economic and financial developments, equities, fixed income, forex, commodities and other assets. Econotes is a research publication available free on our internet site and to the general public in Hong Kong. It is not a solicitation for business and neither does it contain   investment suggestions on specific and named assets including buy, sell or hold advice. It is devised and written by Dr. Andrew F. Freris based on 50 years of market experience which includes senior positions with GT Capital, Salomon Brothers, Bank of America and BNP Paribas as well as senior academic posts with universities in London and Hong Kong.


Dr Andrew F. Freris


Dr Freris established in June 2014 his own consultancy, Ecognosis Advisory Co.Ltd, offering a wide variety of services and contacts and in particular focused analyses of asset markets and classes spanning, globally, most major and minor economies and Asian economies in particular. The consultancy now has regular clients based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Athens. Buenos Aires and Montevideo as well as numerous individual assignments and contracts.

Dr Freris had joined BNP Paribas in October 2000 as Chief Economist for Asia-Pacific for the Fixed Income and Treasury Group, where he also headed credit research. As from July 2008 he had assumed the post of Senior Investment Strategist, Asia, and then as Chief Investment Advisor, Asia for Wealth Management, Asia, to April 2014. Prior to that he was Managing Director, Asia Research, Bank of America (1997-2000), Director and Chief Regional Economist for Asia with Salomon Brothers (1993-1997) and Director, Senior Economist with GT Asia Ltd 1990-1993 (now part of Invesco) where in addition to Asian economies he also covered Latin America.

Dr Freris taught at the London Metropolitan University from 1968-1984 as a principal lecturer and at the City University of Hong Kong (1985-1990) where he was the head of the Economics and Finance Department. He is the author and co-author of numerous books and articles including The Financial Markets of Hong Kong (Routledge, 1991), The Greek Economy in the Twentieth Century (Croom Helm, 1986) and The Soviet Industrial Enterprise: Theory and Practice (Croom Helm, 1984).

Dr. Freris holds degrees from the London School of Economics and has been living continuously in Hong Kong since 1985. He and his wife are keen music lovers and run the Chopin Society of Hong Kong whose activities encompass the organization of private and public music events not only in Hong Kong but in Asia and in Latin America. They also run a cultural centre for children and young adults and a large music library in a purpose-built complex in Young, Uruguay. They also established the “War Archive” in Athens, Greece which houses their extensive collection of war-related books, videos and military models and which organizes presentations and seminars on all aspects of war.